We are Enid and Cadi. We are a married couple in our early 30s. Enid is a lesbian and a submissive and Cadi is domme and bisexual. We’re both white, cis gender women.

We have been together for 12 years and we’ve been exploring BDSM since our late teens. We’ve amassed a range of skills and experiences, and we feel really close to all the lovers, writers, thinkers, craftspeople and others that have come before us.


In my professional life I have worked in a sex shop, and I have also run safer sex and healthy relationship workshops for people of different ages. I love sex, and I love talking about sex.

I am fat(-ish), I experience some musculoskeletal pain, and I’ve lived through male violence. I want to ensure that voices like ours are heard, when often we’re erased by mainstream discourse around bodies, sex and relationships. I also want to try and uplift voices of others who are excluded in other ways.


I am a caring and loving sadist. I am a small woman who works in a physical environment in a management position.

I want to share and develop my practice as a Domme, by journalling and connecting with others. I want to explore the role BDSM plays in our marriage, and how we can deepen the connection between us. I always want to read more about queer womens’ complex sexualities, so I am here to contribute to the conversation.

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