Enid: A fun online rope challenge we’ve started, from FuocoFet’s instagram.

We have been following the Rope Bondage: Skills and Drills for The Apocalypse challenge posted on IGTV by FuocoFet. She is a ropey switch and a circus performer, and her website is fantastic. Fuoco says that some of the best riggers she knows swear by drilling single column ties, and so Cadi has dutifully been practicing her single column ties (drilling 60-120 at a time) on herself. On Tuesday I lay still for a while so she could do her drilling on me as a change.

As a reward for lying still, I was allowed to watch two CrashPad films (rebranded as “Mama’s educational videos for little girls”) while she was doing it. The first one I watched was the Coronavirus/social distancing themed one with Arabelle Raphael and Barbary Rose. Despite the slightly-too-real theme, I’d highly recommend it! Arabelle’s hair and figure reminds me of (a tattooed) Cadi, so it was always going to be a winner with me! The second one was, if anything, even better! It was a beautiful film about a sex magic ritual to bring down colonialism and repair our world. Truly stunning and sensual.

Apart from the single column tie drilling, we’ve only done one of the more creative challenges so far! The challenge is supposed to be every day but we’re trying to eke it out and make it last as we may be here for a while… The first creative challenge was to use a single column tie and a hojo cuff to improvise something quick and simple. As we found in the workshop with Caritia in Berlin, Cadi sometimes finds experimentation difficult. I was watching (non-pornographic) TV when she managed to tie me up without me even properly noticing! It felt like she was just casually slipping them around me and then suddenly I couldn’t move my arms! Cadi was pleased because usually we copy complicated ties, but this time the challenge wasn’t in replicating but in innovating.

It doesn’t look like very much, but I found the tie she came up with very sexy, as it forced me to correct my posture and to display my breasts for her. You can’t see in the picture, but she pulled up my cosy jumper at the front to get my tits on display. She slapped them around a bit and then pulled me in to finish watching the episode.

It was sexy to sit next to her knowing that at any moment she could give them another slap, bite, punch or pinch.

I’m very pleased that we’re doing a rope challenge like this online. We had signed up to a new queer rope workshop to be held in our city at the end of March, and we were both excited about learning and meeting new people. Unfortunately, it was canceled. We’ve spoken to the organisers about ways we (and the local community more widely) could support them to put on another workshop when it’s safe to do so, but in the meantime it’s nice to see the other people taking part in FuocoFet’s challenge through her Instagram stories.

NB: As if I wished it into being…just after I wrote this post I checked my phone and I’d received a notification that the rope collective are doing some online courses! Hooray!

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