Enid: Lockdown in Blue

I’m not going to wank on about Coronavirus. There’s too much being said already; but I would like to stress that the most effective way to support the NHS is not by fucking clapping out the window – it’s by not voting Tory. We missed posting last week, actually because we’ve had the ‘rona (we’re fine now!) but going to catch up by writing some fun posts about our holiday.

Like everyone else, I’ve had some extra time in the house recently, so I decided to take some pictures of myself in this gorgeous blue set from the Figleaves Curve range. I bought mine some time ago, but they are currently on sale on ASOS. I really like their range because although I’m plus size, my boobs are actually pretty small, and I feel like the Figleaves range isn’t just aimed at people who have huge breasts.

I don’t wear a lot of blue, but Cadi says I should wear more because my eyes are blue and she thinks it makes them stand out. I like looking pretty for her. Not sure about the racer back because it’s a bit sporty for me, but I loooove the front of the panties. I’ve talked Cadi into taking some pictures with me over the next couple of weeks, and maybe even making a home movie.

On a related topic, I think it would be really hot to have sex over Zoom or Skype. We did a Zoom call with some friends last night, as an ersatz birthday party for one of the gang. While we were playing Articulate over the Internet, I was thinking about how sexy it would be to watch another experienced couple get it on, while also watching ourselves on the screen too.


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