Enid: Hog ties & Migraines

This is a belated post, as straight after we had sex I had the worst migraine and sort of put it to the back of my head. I’ve been going through a stressful time at work and I’ve been having more migraines. I’ve suffered with migraines since I was 11 and I have quite a high pain threshold, but recently I’ve been having them right at the point of orgasm and they have honestly been more painful than I can bear.

On this occasion, we went upstairs on Sunday evening and did some playing around with rope, and then Cadi fucked my mouth hard while she got herself off under the strap. She edged me with the vibrator and fucked me from behind.

The tutorial that Cadi used for the hog tie was this one by The Duchy. 

She didn’t let me come for ages, and then put two minutes on the timer on her phone and let me try and get myself off in that time. I was so wound up that I managed it, but immediately there was this cracking pain along my skull. I honestly don’t remember that much what happened after apart from just pacing around the bedroom, rocking back anf forth, and keening. It lasted for about 12 hours, and I found that I had a sore, dull head for a couple of days afterwards.

I’ve fallen into a dark pit of googling for help with post-coital migraines. There’s a lot of good information out there, but also a lot of random anecdotes (like this, I suppose!) and worrying information. Apparently my dad had one once, and my mum very smugly said that it was the result of her extraordinary prowess!

I am sure that it’s stress related because the last week hasn’t been as bad and I had a very slow, very tentative wank! It wasn’t very exciting, I watched some porn and got myself off with our Lelo Sona 2 toy. It wasn’t the best orgasm in the world, but it didn’t leave me in pain for days!

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