Enid: Happy birthday to me!

It’s my birthday today! Time for my contrary, independent, idealistic Aquarian self to shine!

I shamelessly love birthdays, about the same amount that I love Valentine’s Day. As a kid my parents were really into birthdays, even though we didn’t have a lot of money to spend. I get so excited if we go out somewhere and I find out that it’s someone’s birthday, and I always join in with those forced happy birthday sing-alongs in restaurants. I’m a birthday monster.

Somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to come up with a somewhat nebulous fantasy about my birthday. Last year I bought a terrible plastic tiara from Poundland and asked Cadi if she’d consider planning me a birthday humiliation scene.

At first she didn’t really get it, “You want me to humiliate you for having a birthday? Like oooh, yeah, you were born – you slut.”

It’s hard for me to explain what I find so erotic about it. It feels like a subversion of all those things you would expect of a child’s birthday party; the cake, the candles, being the centre of attention, being a princess for the day, everyone having to do what you want to do. What if those things were bad, but also good?

Nevertheless, she surprised me when we were at the playhouse last year for my thirtieth.  For the scene, she pinned a birthday badge to my chest and fucked my mouth through the bars of the cage with her strap until I was gagging and dribbling. It was really hot, and debasing in the best way.

I didn’t end up wearing the tiara, but we have done a similar humiliating scene with me wearing the tiara I bought for our wedding.

This year I’ll be spending my birthday abroad and I doubt we’ll be able to do a special scene for my birthday because I don’t think there’s much of a foreigner-friendly kink scene where we’re going and we’re trying to pack very light! But I would like to do another birthday scene one day. In my head I’ve got all sorts of ideas; wax, getting messy, and being mercilessly fucked by a strong femme.


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