Enid: Collar making workshop

Today I went to my very first leather working course!! I was so excited!

I’ve wanted to do it for ages. As a kid I really enjoyed customising clothes, and as an adult I’ve learnt to lino print (I’ve had an idea based on the hanky code that I’ve wanted to do forever…) Last year at pride I bought a cheap harness that I customised (read: it was too small and I needed to make it big enough for my fat bod) using some leather belts that I bought from a charity shop. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I just used glue to hold it all together. But it made me think….what if I learnt some leather working skills and tried to make my own harness?

There are so many amazing leather workers out there today. I follow at least 20 on Instagram and Twitter! But lots of them are working in the US, or completely outside of my price bracket. I also feel a bit sheepish about giving in my measurements, I’m so self conscious about being fat but not busty.

I really wanted to learn some very basic techniques and then see if I could slowly work on making my own harness. I think it would be really empowering to wear something that I’ve designed and made myself, just to fit my body.

The workshop I attended was a “make your own dog collar” workshop, which seemed appropriate! I just selected it because it was cheaper than the handbag one! It was a vanilla workshop, which meant that I had to make up a convincing backstory. I saved pictures of a friend’s husky and said I was making the collar for her. I embellished my collar with Princess, because it was just about the only thing that Cadi calls me that I would be able to get away with. I did think about Mama’s Girl as an alternative though.

We measured and cut. Stamped and bevelled. Daubed and polished. Added rivets and hammered them in. It was so fun. I can’t wait to get started on my bigger project.


Here is me in my brand new collar! 😀 Not earned and gifted from my Domme, but a present to myself.

Cadi said that she was really proud of my handiwork, and found it really cute to see me so excited about making it.

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