Enid: Is anyone else a giggler?

Yesterday I was due a spanking for being mischievous, running around and just generally being a bit naughty. Cadi was also in a bit of a sadistic mood, and wanted to do me some damage.

She warmed me up with my favourite toy of all time, my spanking loop from The Kink Emporium. I really love the way that Cadi uses all of the loop; hitting me with the flat part of the loop for a wider, stingier pain, and the side of the loop for a more focussed, thuddy pain.

After a while she switched to this mean little lotus stick, and made me count out 25 strokes.



It was so fucking good.

Does anyone else find that sometimes they get really giggly when they’re getting hit?

Obviously, it’s connected to the intense cocktail of chemicals, including endorphins, being released as a result of play. It doesn’t happen always, but when it does happen I can find myself laughing uncontrollably for the whole time that the spanking/beating/hitting is occurring.

I really love it when it happens, I always feel so free and I think it spurs Cadi on!

I’m also a big wriggler, I began the scene in my proper position but managed to wriggle all around the bed and ended up with my head in a different place! Cadi would usually pick me up on this and move me back, but I think she gave up yesterday!

We stopped after the 25 strikes with the lotus strike because we were due to leave for a house warming party in 45 minutes. Cadi did spend a little while licking at the blood and squeezing the skin to force a bit more out.

Before we left for the party, Cadi instructed me to get her off as quickly as possible. I gave her somewhat tentative head. I was reluctant to put my whole face in her pussy as I’d done my make up for the aforementioned house warming party. She came after seven minutes. I really love it when she uses me like a sex toy, just something to use to get off.

At the moment we’re on a strict routine of edging, so after the party but before we went to sleep, Cadi had me rubbing my bum down into the mattress while she touched me really gently. She got me really close but I wasn’t allowed to come, not today anyway.

An update: Last night we fucked after she gave me a spank, and 10 hard strokes with our cane. I’d had a migraine earlier in the day, but I really wanted her to fuck me.

She got me really close to coming and then backed off entirely, leaving me throbbing and empty. She coached me through letting my orgasm ebb away before fucking me again.

Unfortunately, as I came, my migraine came back in full force!! She says I looked like I was having a stroke! I remember clamping my hand over my eye and making a sad face.

However, I am a champion and managed to fuck her and make her come while holding my other hand over my eye! I feel like this is worth recording!

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