Enid: Summer’s almost over, let cosy evenings in begin!

I’ve had a really good summer, but I’ve felt like I’ve been on a treadmill! I’ve had a lot of obligations to friends and family: weddings away from home, hosting guests who usually live abroad, supporting friends with artistic endeavours. It’s been good to have so much on, but also scary to look at the calendar and see a run of weekends when we’re not at home, or have guests the whole time.

Now the weather is on the turn, it’s nice to anticipate cosy evenings of blankets, Strictly Come Dancing and, er, boning.

This weekend we unpacked from our holiday, changed the bedsheets, did the washing, worked on the garden, repotted some of my houseplants, and went to the supermarket (replenishing the Brexit stockpile), blah blah blah. After we’d sorted out our chores, I changed into a short dress, cute socks, bunches, and frilly knickers.

I love serving Cadi through cooking and this is something we regularly practice, pretty much every day. But Sunday is an opportunity to try something new, or spend some time creating something special. Yesterday I made a moqueca stew, but with parsnips and butternut squash because we didn’t have plantain or palm hearts. Cadi is experimenting with veganism at the moment, so I’m adding more purely vegan meals to my repertoire.

We rested for a bit and then I massaged Cadi on my new massage table. Her shoulder has been really sore lately and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to improve her shoulder a little bit if I keep working on it. At least I’ll be able to help her relax.

When we went up to bed she improvised a minimalist hip harness, and then tied my legs like below:

The rope is hemp, from the wonderful Other Nature shop in Berlin

I’d requested to be tied down for impact play, I was really craving the feeling of being helpless, unable to squirm or twist away. Cadi cuffed me with these pink cuffs from Sh!, and secured my wrists to the edge of the bed with the straps under our mattress. Then, she warmed me up with some thuddy pain from our heavy duty spanking loop, and caned me. I was probably a bit more of a baby than I usually am, but I still have really satisfying sore bits today!

Cadi says that apparently the tightness of the rope over my hips may make me more sensitive to impact play because the skin is already under pressure, and that’s one of the reasons she tied me up like that. That sounds credible, but I’d also had a migraine and was feeling pretty tired.

Hurting me always really winds Cadi up, and when she was done with my caning she wriggled over the pillows and down so that I could eat her out while I was tied up. After she came she played with my ropes some more, bending my knees so I was hogtied and spending some time roughhousing with me, pushing and shoving me while my hands were still tied. I love this, both that feeling of helplessness and seeing Cadi loosen up and enjoy feeling sadistic in a very playful way.

When she decided I’d had enough she let me out of the ropes and then started to fist me with some really hot, sadistic dirty talk, “Only stupid girls come when I punch their cunts.” ::sparkle heart emoji::

I think we both would have gone another round, but unfortunately we both had work today. I think our next weekend when we’re both at home isn’t for another two weeks, but maybe we can have some “school night” fun later on this week.

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