Cadi: Reminiscing: Humiliation Play

I’m away with work, and will be for the rest of the week. It’s a job I do regularly and enjoy, but I’m missing Enid and looking forward to playing again when I get home. Daydreaming about what we will get up to has reminded me of a really great scene from a few weeks ago that I never got round to writing up.

We bought Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation, by Princess Kali. It’s a really great exploration of the many many ways you can explore humiliation in a BDSM scene. Humiliation has always been a big kink for me, along with dirty talk, and it gave me some great ideas. Enid had been really cheeky all weekend, flirty and silly and demanding that I fuck her on Sunday afternoon because “she really needed it.” I decided to put her in her place a bit and play some games to remind her that she’s my little plaything.

I wanted to set up the dynamic straight away, rather than ease into it as we sometimes do, so I kept her out of the bedroom while I got dressed in some lingerie and my strap-on harness and made her knock on the door to get permission to come in. I wanted to treat her like my toy and play some sensory deprivation games to show her how I can use her for my own pleasure. I knew this might push her a little without a warm up, so we started by putting her in her collar and lead and me slapping her face – one of her favourite ways to “go under.”

I told her I was going to play with different bits of my favourite toy, and that she would see how irrelevant her pleasure could be. I put her on her knees, cuffed and blindfolded her and had her suck my strap. I told her I only needed her mouth, and that maybe that would be all I would use today. I choked her on it, and she dribbled all down her chest – a great opportunity for humiliating her for being messy! With her wrists cuffed, balancing was difficult, so I was able to pull her deeper onto me by her lead.

Next, I rewarded her by putting her in our dildo gag. It’s a slim dildo mounted onto a leather faceguard, so I can fuck myself on her face, but she can’t lick or taste me. This was also great for making her feel like a toy. I told her if she could make me come with just the dildo then I would reward her with letting her taste me. This proved to be a great motivator! At first, I left her blindfold on, but then I missed seeing her reactions to the names I was calling her, so I took it off. After my first orgasm, I took the gag off and she serviced me with her mouth, rimming me and using my favourite vibrating plug as well. She was very under by this time, all soft and sleepy and trusting. I love having her like this, so reliant on me, just fixated on my taste and smell and touch.

I let her fuck me, which we don’t do as often because it’s not my favourite way to orgasm. I was so relaxed that she was able to really stretch me and I had another two really strong orgasms. When I fuck her, we play a little game when I say she has “an empty head and a full cunt.” This time, I told her she was just empty, “an empty head and an empty cunt.” We both really enjoyed this!

I asked Enid why she likes this phrasing so much. We think there are a few reasons. Enid is a smart woman, and she’s always been praised for being clever. She likes the embarrassment of being called “stupid” and that she has an empty head because it plays directly against everyday life. The other half of the phrase, telling her whether her cunt is full or empty, or asking her to tell me, really focuses her attention on that part of her body and how it feels. It really essentialises whether or not she is being fucked over every other sensation.

Finally, it’s the way I say it. Reading it in black and white, it’s seems a pretty unfeeling, cruel thing to say (and there’s plenty of space for that in BDSM!). But my style of Domming is more nurturing than that, and the contrast of the warm, caring way I talk to her with the things that I say and the way that I touch and fuck her, turns us both on a lot. I should write more about erotic gaslighting and mindfucking, because it’s so much fun!

Afterwards, I was going to insist on treating her just like a toy for my pleasure and not touching her at all, but in my post-orgasm haze, I weakened. First, I gave her a packet of unicorn stickers and told her that little ones like her didn’t need to be touched, she would like stickers just as much because she was just a stupid baby. This backfired a little, as it turned her on so much she just begged more!

I could tell she wanted to feel small and innocent, she kept grabbing at me and wanted me close. I got her back under by holding her lead and playing a game like she was a little kitten, dangling it above her face and making her swipe at it. It made her really giggly and needy. She came so quickly when I fucked her, whilst I alternated between calling her little and stupid, and a good little cuntlicker and a useful toy.

Having written all that, I can’t wait to get home and get some more ideas for humiliation play from Enough to Make You Blush!

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