Enid: Pride, and wearing rope in public

Pride month may be over in the US, but in the UK it’s barely started. I recently went to a queer music gig as part of our city’s Pride celebrations and wanted to flag that Cadi and I are part of the leather community. I’ve really hated all this “discourse” about whether it’s appropriate to be openly kinky at Pride. I just can’t even get into it. Fucking ridiculous. I’m really thankful for all the smart people that we follow on Twitter that have posted really interesting, informative threads, pictures of our heritage, and jokes that make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I often spend my Pride either working or volunteering. I usually need to be in uniform, on time, sober, and generally being Mrs Martha Mary Wholesome. I really enjoyed the very unusual opportunity to glam up at Pride, and let Cadi rope me up.

I love it when she ties me before we go out to events together. I feel so lucky that she chooses to spend this time taking care of me, adorning me, making me ready to go out with her as her submissive. The feel of the ropes against my skin makes me feel grounded and present, which is just what you need when you’re out in a big crowd.

This is just a little picture of the knot she did on my chest, but the full harness was beautiful. It fanned over my shoulders and then criss-crossed over my stomach and down between my legs. I wore a strappy, semi-sheer dress over it, with just a silky slip between the rope and the dress.

As you can see, it’s quite a rough rope (I think it’s jute? But it’s very stiff; we got it as a free sample and haven’t used it. I don’t usually wear blue but it matches my grey-blue eyes very nicely) and I was definitely feeling the burn after dancing with a crotch rope!

It was really sexy to shimmy and shake beside her, meet her eyes, and know that she knows that it’s cutting in to my fat pussy. Suffering for the aesthetic, and to show everyone how proud I am to be Cadi’s, was totally worth it.


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