Enid: Subject To Change (trans poetry and conversation)

20190203_121626_0001.pngThis is a brilliant anthology from Sibling Rivalry Press.  I love the format; each poet gets space for five or six poems and then a transcribed conversation with the editor. The poets are very skillful, and as a writer I loved reading about their poetic practice.

Subject to Change feels so relevant and so urgent, quite a few of the poems refer to the fear and trauma experienced by the trans community after Trump’s elections and the shooting in Orlando.

I learnt a lot from the anthology, but at the same time the poets often make meta references to cis readers and the burden of “performing” trans-ness for cis eyes. I felt very aware that I am snooping on a conversation that I’m not a part of.

If I’ve made it sound like hard work, it’s not. Many of the poems are also joyful and explore themes of identity, community and friendship.

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