Enid: Toy review, leather flogger from Mr B’s, Berlin.

Cadi and I have a holiday tradition of buying a new favourite toy every time we go abroad, starting with these understated (and vegan!) handcuffs from Barcelona. 

I bought this gorgeous flogger in Berlin, at the Mr B shop in Schöneberg. Cadi and I chose Schöneberg as our base in Berlin because of its reputation for being the centre of the leather scene and the queer scene. The district has famously provided a home for LGBT people since the 1920s. Christopher Isherwood lived in Schöneberg during the 1930s, writing Goodbye To Berlin about his experiences.

The Schöneberg station, a latte in a gay cafe, the legendary Metropol and home of the original Kit Kat Klub, and just outside the Nollendorfplatz station. 

Even more thrillingly, David Bowie lived in Schöneberg during the 1970s. I was desperate to make the pilgrimate to the Ufer Neues Cafe, and I wasn’t disappointed. The walls were covered with pictures of Bowie and, other than that, it didn’t look like it could have changed since the 70s. It’s mainly a gay cafe, and Cadi and I watched an American woman attempt to chat up the bar tender, who mainly wanted to be left alone to read her book. The American then approached Cadi and I to invite us both to a night at the KitKatKlub (where she was working), and a BBQ at her house.

All of the streets we visited around Nollendorfplatz were leafy and gorgeous. As we strolled around, I remember thinking that there was nowhere else in the world that I would have wanted to be. There are so many green spaces, including Tempelhofer Field and Schöneberger Südgelände Park, both of whom are made from reclaimed land.

We had breakfast on the terrace at the Cafe Berio, a long-time queer favourite, watching the world go by.  There were other couples around us, both young and old. I suspect that a few were, like us, nursing hangovers. We also did some great book shopping at Eisenherz.  I browsed the lesbian historical fiction, the high-end photography collections and the S/M manuals.

As far as leather shopping, there was almost too much to choose from! We bought some cheap leather pride souvenirs from a large shop that felt like an army surplus store, and drooled though the window at the goods at Butcherei Lindinger (which is lovingly profiled here!)

Pink window display in Eisenherz bookshop, travelling home from a night out, our gorgeous balcony and a sweet little sticker. 

In the end, we bought our treat from Mr B, which has five stores in Europe and sells in 16 stores globally. It was a cute and stylish little store, and even though it mainly catered to gay men we felt very welcome. I dallied with the idea of a truncheon (before I bought Thumper!) almost bought this Jack Boot Spanking Paddle, but then I fell in love with this flogger instead.

The flogger is part of the Mr B own range, and retails at £74.95. It’s made of really soft, thick leather and the painted wooden handle is a beautiful shape. It’s a very sensual object. I love stroking the long leather tails between my hands, and feeling the shape of the wood. I love the little braided detail. It triggers my leather fetish so hard, I’d put it inside me if I could.


The leather has a very strong scent. When Cadi lifts it in the air and brings it down over me, the smell of leather seems to bloom in the air.

When Cadi hits me with it slowly, it feels like a gentle thud. It’s a relaxing sensation, perfect for warming up my skin and getting me into a blissed-out, dreamy sub space.

Cadi can also use it for heavier and more focused pain. When she does this she seems to hold it higher, bring it down faster and use her fist to keep the tails together and guide it to where she wants it. It can create real pain, with a slapping noise that turns me on almost as much as the sensation. 


The only downside is that it is very heavy. Cadi has a small frame and a shoulder injury (gained in her workplace) and she finds it tiring to use, especially when she uses it as had as she wants to use it. It’s very long, relative to her frame, and she needs to raise her arm high above her head to use it.

That means that my lovely flogger is mainly used on special occasions. It seems fitting, as it’s quite a theatrical toy! Because it’s a treat, I still get very excited when Cadi takes her down from where she hangs on our metal bedframe.

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