Cadi: Sunday in the park with Babygirl

Enid has been asking to play tea party for a long time, and today we had Sunday afternoon off together, so she hosted me on our living room floor for a delightful afternoon.

We’ve really been enjoying a Mama and little girl dynamic recently, as Enid wrote about here. It suits my nurturing Domme style and lets us play with some really hot taboos. She loves dressing up and all things girly, and I know she loves it when I dress up too. While she was setting up downstairs, I put on this beautiful 80s bridesmaid dress we bought at a vintage fair over the summer. It’s got a huge skirt and gives great cleavage, so I knew she’d love it.

Downstairs, she’d set up a blanket and a little tea table with cream cakes and a teaset and some of her favourite stuffed toys. Her eyes lit up when she saw me, and it really struck home that how we play together has so many facets. We had a little out of role joke about how funny it would be if our friends called round, but honestly, it felt really playful. We’ve had some pretty intense times as a couple recently, dealing with mental health and family and travelling for work, and to connect in such a frivolous, joyful way was wonderful.

I’m quite an anxious person. I’m happiest when I’m in control, I work in quite an intense, stressful industry and I am known to be a bit of a fusspot at home. But being Enid’s Mama gives me a focus for that fussing and desire for control over the little things. It’s not about controlling her. It’s about creating the perfect environment for her to feel happiest, anticipating her needs and spoiling her rotten. In return, her beautiful, carefree smile is the perfect reward.

We did some very relaxed role-play, eating cakes and drinking our tea. I’d brought her unicorn sticker book downstairs, (probably deserves its own post, but it was one of the things that started our exploration of this dynamic earlier this year) and she had a new packet of stickers to open. It’s such a simple way to make her smile and feel in the right head space, and it’s become a foreplay staple of ours.

A lot of people use the word “little” to describe how they feel during this sort of scene, but Enid doesn’t like that. She says that she doesn’t feel like she has a different age that she feels when we play like this, that it’s more that she’s just a simple, sensual creature that is totally reliant on my care. I like to spoil her, but also there’s responsibility for her well-being and her behaviour too. Keeping this in balance is really pleasing and stimulating for me.

It’s hard to pin down why I find the Mama/Little Girl dynamic so freaking hot. I like the aesthetic trappings of it, she wore a big pink dress too, with little socks and frilly frilly knickers. The innocence/corruption element is really hot, as is the control I have over her. I set up a silly challenge that was totally stacked against her, she had to guess a number between 1 and 1,000,000. If she got it right, she’d get special kisses, but if she got it wrong, she’d give me special kisses. Of course, she got it wrong.

I had her kneel on the floor and lay back on the sofa. When I let her take my knickers off, I was wet down my thighs.

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