Enid: Toy review, lotus stick by Trussed UK

Like our heavy duty spanking loop from The Kink Emporium, I picked this little baby up at the London Alternative Market in January.

I don’t really bruise. I wish I did. I regularly pore over pictures of gorgeous purple, black, green and yellow bruises that other submissives seem to have. I feel left out, and like I don’t measure up. However, it’s not to do with my pain tolerance or Cadi’s capacity for sadism, it’s to do with my biology. I’ve broken eleven bones and damaged ligaments in my ankles three times, and even then I bruised fairly lightly.


When I saw this toy I was intrigued by the promise that it would leave small pin pricks of blood in its wake, and that they would take some time to heal. The staff member told Cadi it was okay for her to try out the toy on my arm, and she did. As promised, a circle of tiny blood spots bloomed. It was beautiful, and I was sold.

It’s a pretty cheap toy. The lotus stick is currently listed as £14 on the website but perhaps they reduced their prices at LAM, because I thought it was £10 or £12.

Trussed has a lot of interesting toys on their website and affordable pricing seems to be a key part of their business. They state, “When we started out together in BDSM we had very little money spare to buy toys and we looked around for alternatives. We found, for example, that riding crops, available from BDSM traders for £15 could be bought in large pet stores and riding tack shops for as little as £6 which meant they could probably be bought from wholesalers for around £3. So why the massive profit margin?”

The lotus stick is simple and straight forward. It is sturdy and well made, and the white plastic discs can be unscrewed for cleaning purposes.


The stick is very light, which means that Cadi can strike me quickly enough to leave a clean and instant mark.

While it’s not as sensual as some of our other toys, I’m so glad I bought it because it’s different from most other toys in our collection and certainly delivers on its promise.

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