Enid: A true story about the really hot guy we met in Berlin

There’s a boy I know, he’s the one I dream of, looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above…we met in a nightclub in Berlin and I can barely remember what his face looked like.

I don’t usually fuck with men, but while I was in Berlin we had such a good experience with an older man and I have thought about it ever since! Every time I drink a can of Fanta I am filled with nostalgia for the brief experience we had together.

Last summer we really wanted to visit a BDSM club while we were out in Berlin, and a friend recommended Insomnia to us as a welcoming, fun and non-pretentious place. We were really grateful for her recommendation because that’s exactly what we thought of Insomnia. It was so good, we went back for a second go!

We went to one of their Wednesday fetish parties, which included an open bar. We arrived and had a glass of wine and Cadi sat on one of the leather sofas while I knelt at her feet. We watched a bit of porn and watched the other couples near us touch and kiss each other. A Mistress took a submissive for a walk, cock locked tightly in a metal cage.

We watched a scene between one of the resident submissives and two of the Dom/mes. It involved a lot of caning and nipple clamps, and then they retired to a table for some cocktails. After that, Cadi took me over her knee and spanked me while I watched another woman suck her boyfriend off.

After we’d settled ourselves in, we ventured deeper into the themed anterooms, each of which had different types of equipment. Cadi spanked me with our beloved leather heart paddle  from Sh! in London. Some people stayed to watch for a while, and then wandered off to join other scenes.

Cadi sat in a queening chair and I started to lick her. I was aware of a presence behind us, watching us. I’m proud of being able to do this well and I wanted them to admire my skills. I could hear someone else being spanked in the anteroom next to me, and another couple having sex.

After a while, I heard a male voice ask Cadi if he was allowed to stroke my hair. He stroked it for quite a while and I remember him cooing “good kitty,” and telling Cadi that I had really soft hair. I like that he asked Cadi first, as it made me feel like he respected her authority. As two young-ish women in kink, we’ve found that sometimes men look at us and just see a playground where they can try and insert themselves.

He massaged my shoulders really well, and then reached down to stroke my arse. I made a bit of a noise and twitched my hips away from him, and he said “Okay, kitty. I’ll stay up here.” I think he spoke to Cadi a bit here, but I don’t remember what he said.  In a perfect world we would have negotiated our boundaries beforehand, but I felt safe and respected. As a survivor of sexual violence, this is essential for me.

He asked if he could borrow Cadi’s paddle and used it to hit me, before moving on to his hand, a tawse and a cane (I think! Based on the feel/marks. I can’t be sure.) He had a little chuckle at how pink our paddle is, and seemed to enjoy using it. He hit me satisfyingly hard, and I really liked that I couldn’t predict when he was going to do it. I especially liked moaning into my Mistress’s cunt, and watching her watch him hit me.

I was desperate to do a good job, and to secure the approval of both Cadi and him, two confident and competent Tops. After Cadi came he said that she looked very satisfied, and then he told her that I looked satisfied too. He also suggested that her and I should go and get a refreshing drink and have a cuddle. I really liked that our scene wasn’t about him intruding on our relationship, and he didn’t even try to get us to get him off.

When I stood up he shook Cadi’s hand and then gave me a firm hug. He was tall and strong, and I remember feeling very calm in his arms!

My legs were a bit wobbly, and Cadi took me to the bar for a can of Fanta to get my energy back up! I saw our guy again later on, and he gave us a smile and a wave.

Later on in the evening we played with an inexperienced (but extremely attractive)German couple. Cadi guided them through tying me to a wooden frame and we did some impact play. I found that interesting, as I didn’t really get into sub space and instead I worked really hard at non-verbally encouraging and reassuring the other couple. I’d like to write more about this another time! They seemed like a lovely couple, and afterwards we sat down and had a chat about music and travel.

Cadi and I were actually the last people to leave Insomnia on that night, and before we left the owner invited us to come back for a lesbian and bisexual women’s night. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get back to Berlin since then but it’s one of my 2019 ambitions! The business card she gave us is still on Cadi’s desk as a reminder of this!

We went back on the Saturday night for their Goa themed party. This was very different, they had shut off the dungeon and instead they opened the main nightclub, the mezzanine level above the nightclub and the jacuzzi room. Overall I enjoyed this night less. Nevertheless, Cadi fucked me on an enormous vinyl bed on the mezzanine level next to another couple, and I learned the German word for lube!

I mostly identify as lesbian (with a few notable exceptions, such as Trixie Mattel out of drag) but we have talked about finding a fun, relaxed guy to play with. We’ve had a few flirtations over FetLife but they’ve all fizzled out, and I have started to think that maybe our man in Berlin is going to be my one and only.

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