Enid: Toy review, heart shaped paddle and matching cuffs from Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, London.

Sh! is legendary in the UK, particularly with feminists, kinky people, women, and non binary people. It’s an independent, women-led sex shop with excellent customer service and a wide range of products. They make some of their products in-house, including these paddles and cuffs, and some of their silicone dildos. They are also famed for running workshops in the evenings, covering topics such as bedroom bondage, strap-on pegging and lesbian sex.


This paddle and cuff set were a birthday present from my wonderful wife and Mistress, Cadi. Apart from the Barbie “So Much To Do!” Post Office I got when I was seven, I don’t know if I’ve ever got so much use out of a birthday present.

I love this paddle so much. I love the juxtaposition between the hard leather on one side and the fur on the other. I also love the contrast between the metal studs and the bright pink leather. Sometimes the kink world feels a bit “boys and their toys,” and the idea of having something so girly feels very knowing and subversive.

I imagine that some people might write these off as frivolous and ‘weak’. However, they’re actually durable and extremely effective, just like women.


It’s extremely Femme for Femme, and I love being hurt by something so pretty.

The leather has quite a lot of bend to it, so when Cadi wields it quickly it creates a strong stinging pain. The studs also have a real bite to them! I’ve taken 100 hits with this, but I was gritting my teeth and squeezing the bed sheets by the end. At the same time, the furry side is soothing and teasing, and can build anticipation.

The cuffs are great too. They are pretty long, with enough holes that they can be used on ankles or wrists. The fur is still intact and fluffy, even after a couple of years of regular use. The D-ring is really handy, we’ve used them in many different configurations!

The leather isn’t as fine as some of the other things we have in our toy box. It’s not soft or buttery. As you can see above, there is some fine cracking where the cuffs have been bent around my wrists.

Nevertheless, anything that matches Pink Nouveau by MAC is a must-have in my book.

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