Enid: My birthday trip to a dungeon bed and breakfast

This is so late! But I really wanted to post about the amazing trip that my Mistress took me on for my birthday.

By the time our break came around I was so ready for time away from work and normal daily responsibilities. The evening before our break we went for a Mexican meal and to a fun gig, and the next morning was gorgeous and sunny and clear! I was excited to get on the road!

The only complication was that I’d started my period overnight. This was especially bad luck as I usually go about six weeks between periods, and this time I only went three weeks! I don’t mind period sex but I love getting fucked and I have particularly heavy periods, and the last thing I wanted to do was inconvenience our hosts by getting my blood everywhere.

I desperately googled for advice and ended up spontaneously ordering a silicone menstrual disc called the Ziggy by Intimina and getting super-ultra-mega-fast same day delivery. It’s main selling point is that you can fuck with it in and it keeps the blood away from the dildo/fist/whatever. It works beautifully and is really comfortable, and I’d recommend it to anyone who menstruates.

We had a lovely warm welcome when we arrived. The B&B is run by a lifestyle D/s couple who have been together for a long time. They showed us the facilities and talked to us about our relationship, how we got into BDSM, and sexism in the scene. We told the Dom that we liked rope and he kindly leant us a bag of his best rope. All their equipment is part of their personal collection. Most things look worn in and well loved, and they’ve been made by artisans.

We had one kitchen-dining room, one bedroom, a play room and a large walk-in closet full of toys. The play room had a cage, a fucking machine, a St Andrew’s cross, a sex swing, various suspension points and padded benches of varying heights that could be very cleverly bolted together in different combinations. The play room also had a large mirror; candles and oil burners; a frame of cuffs, collars and impact toys; a Bluetooth speaker; a heater and multi-coloured LED lights.

The living quarters were kind of shabby, and I found that cosy and welcoming. It was like staying with family! Aside from our play time, we brought a lot of books, face masks, edible treats (that sounds like drugs, but I actually mean organic peanut butter) and we spent a lot of time just relaxing and spending quality time together. The best thing I read was Queer: A Graphic History!

The kitchen was small but I managed to make Cadi some simple but tasty meals. As ever, I loved being able to serve her in this way. We mostly turned our phones off and it was oddly refreshing to have limited TV channels.

Some of the things I enjoyed the most:

• Trying suspension for the first time. We don’t have suspension points at home, and my fatness and Cadi’s perfectionism mean that we were both reluctant to have our first time in front of strangers! I really loved the feeling of powerlessness and weightlessness and I want to do more. Cadi tied me with one foot and both hands in the air, using a cat’s paw tie.

We also did a scene where she tied me in a hip-harness featuring a coin and lover’s knot, and suspended my hips from the ceiling. I wasn’t quite fully suspended, as I had my (tied) hands on the ground. It was intense, especially when the crotch rope started pinching my labia, and Cadi aimed some kicks at my pussy too.

• I’ve found the idea of mittens hot for ages. It fits into the game that I’ve mentioned before, with Cadi ‘protecting’ me from hurting myself. I loved playing with the mittens at our B&B, and I’m desperate to get my own now! I’m currently weighing up these or these.

• I was excited about getting to play with the cage. Cadi does yoga every morning but when we were on holiday she locked me in the cage while she did her yoga. I found it sexy to watch her and admire her body without being able to touch her. She stuffed her dirty panties in my mouth before she started her practice, and it made me even more worshipful of her body, womanhood and dominance.

Even though I hate mornings, since we got home I’ve woken up at the same time as Cadi so I can watch her do yoga before we start our day.

I also sucked her strap through the bars of the cage, and that was so good. I suggested a birthday themed humiliation scene and she put my birthday badge on my chest and had me sucking her strap through the bars of the cage while she called me her dirty cock sucker.

• I thought the sex swing would be a bit of a novelty, but it was great. Cadi and I both fucked each other in the swing and came so hard.

Things I didn’t enjoy as much, or that we missed out on:

• I’ve thought about fucking machines for years. I really love the idea of being helplessly tied to one, unable to control myself or stop myself from coming. I’d love to lick Cadi (or really any woman…) as it fucks me, or to be left in the corner of the room and completely ignored. However, the one in our B&B just really didn’t work for me. I suspect that the main problem was that I had my Ziggy in and the stroke length was too deep. The other problem was aesthetic. I just didn’t like the way the attachment looked, and I couldn’t swap it for ours.

• We didn’t get around to the cupping or the violet wand, and I regret that now! But there’s only so many hours in the day that you can fully dedicate to boning.

• Just a general reminder to myself to put a rug or a yoga mat down on the floor before long tying sessions! I do that at home (plantar fasciitis life!) but I forgot on holiday, and then wondered why my feet hurt.

I’d love to go back again, either to the same place or to another similar B&B. Like many people, we get limited leisure time and it’s sometimes hard to balance house work, life admin, friends, family, sex, hobbies etc. It’s so important to take time out to focus on our relationship, and to generally slow the fuck down.

A selection of my holiday pics:


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