Enid: Using pilates to improve my BDSM practice.

My workplace has recently started offering subsidized Pilates lessons. I was really excited about getting involved because I have always had awful balance. I’ve broken a total of 12 bones and torn my Achilles tendon.

I’m not sure if I’m dyspraxic or whether it’s my Aquarian, dreamy, stuck-in-my-head nature…or whether I’m just a clumsy bitch.

As a result I experience some chronic Musculoskeletal pain. I’m a fairly active person. I walk about a mile and back to work every day, and I work full time. I love going out dancing, cycling and travelling. However, I can’t ignore that I’m often in some sort of pain!

The main reason I’d like to improve my balance is to improve my bondage practice. In this post I wrote about some of the things I find difficult about bondage, especially if we’re tying for a while. Cadi likes to tie quite slowly; partly because she’s a perfectionist and partly because we love the connection and the mindful experience that it offers us both.

At times I’m required to stand on one leg, with my arms straight out or straight up, or with my legs or back bent in a way that can get uncomfortable. I’m hoping that pilates will help me increase my flexibility and my stamina.

Building my core strength will also help me reach my goal of trying some of the strenuous suspension bondage poses that I’ve seen.

I’ve found the first few sessions difficult. I imagined that it would be slow and relaxing, perhaps with some Enya in the background. Instead, the trainer played a Kendrick Lemar megamix and we started with planking!

However, every time my muscles trembled or I felt the blood rush to my face, I tried to remind myself that I’m working on being a better submissive and a better partner for Cadi.

I’m going to keep going, keep practicing, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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