Enid: I’m so excited for my birthday trip to a BDSM bed & breakfast!


For my 30th I asked Cadi for a trip away. We’re usually city break people so I was expecting a hectic food-and-museum tour of maybe Paris or Amsterdam or Edinburgh. Instead, she sent me four or five BDSM hotels around the UK and asked me to rank them. I was so excited about this idea!

This evening she let me know which place she chose, and gave me a lovely little ‘holiday pack’, saying that she was taking me away to “celebrate all [my] hard work and training.”

I knew that we wouldn’t be able to get away for longer than a long weekend, so my preference was for one that wasn’t too overwhelming. Whenever I see those luxurious hotels on the TV, I always feel a bit of second-hand anxiety about how you could possibly enjoy all the amenities in a short stay. The place we’re staying looks comfortable and down to earth, with friendly owners and a lot of equipment that we don’t have the space/privacy/money for at the moment.

There are also some things that don’t appeal to me, but it will be great to have a go with them just in case they do spark something! I’ve never had much of a medical kink but I enjoyed exploring the medical room in Insomnia in Berlin for the same reason!

Having so much privacy is really intriguing; we currently live in a terraced home with a family on one side and a shared house of students the other side. We do what we can to minimize inconvenience to them, but sometimes a paddle or a whip still sounds a lot like a paddle or a whip. There have been many awkward morning moments on the doorstep.

There are some things I really want to try with Cadi, and I’m going to take notes so I can write about them when I get back. And even though we are close to a 24/7 dynamic anyway; I am excited about being in that sort of kinky space for the whole weekend. I’m excited for vanilla things too, like going in the pool and cuddling up with a film.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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