Enid: Toy review, heavy duty spanking loop by The Kink Emporium.

This toy is made by UK-based, independent company The Kink Emporium. I fell in love with it at the London Alternative Market, and bought it immediately. Cadi tested it out on the back of my calf at the market, and I remember my jaw dropping with the heavy thud.

It weighs just under 600 grams and is made from six core cables, coated in a thick black rubber shell and then PVC. It doesn’t fit in alongside some of my girlier toys, but I felt drawn to its utilitarian feel and recycled materials. It’s smooth and sturdy, and feels enjoyably weighty in the hand.


Held like a tennis racket, it offers a mostly-thuddy feeling but with a touch of sharp sting. When used this way, the pain builds fast and can quickly become overwhelming. I love it like this, it makes me very giggly and has me squirming over the bed!

When held like this:


It offers a softer, more thuddy feeling. I love it like this too. It feels like a deep punch. This pain is definitely more tolerable, but builds to a warm and kind of soothing sensation.

We’ve used it a lot since we bought it, but last night we played with it a lot. It was my 30th birthday last Saturday, and on Sunday night Cadi asked me to make a list of all the lovely experiences I’d had. I listed the friends I’d seen, the places I’d gone, the food and drink I’d eaten, the presents I’d unwrapped. She then asked me if I was feeling brave, very brave or, very, very brave. Like a good girl, I said very, very brave.

Cadi gave me three whacks for every item on my list. Then I had thirty hits with the loop held flat, thirty with the loop held the other way, and one more for good luck!

By the time she finished, I was feeling very needy and submissive. After some spit-play, face-slapping and teasing; Cadi fisted me until I was almost at the edge. Then she stopped. I got her off with my tongue and when she was done, she fisted me again. Cadi applied some benzocaine drops to my clit, to encourage me to let myself come only from her fist.

I am currently working on a post about my epic love for fisting, and our recent experiments with orgasm control, so I’ll save the other things I’d like to say for those posts!

In short, I’d definitely recommend the heavy duty spanking loop! We’re looking forward to going back to London Alternative Market and buying some other items!



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