Cadi: Ribena-gate

We spent Christmas week spreading ourselves pretty thinly between our two loving, but intense families. Although we spent a lot of time together, very little of it was in private. We found lots of moments to check in with our D/s dynamic though. We made sure to pack Enid’s collar, even though she wouldn’t get many opportunities to wear it. Enid sat at my feet while we watched television and found sneaky ways to ask permission to use the bathroom or have another drink. On a few occasions I pulled her into empty rooms to slap her face, one of our favourite ways to express my loving dominance and her submission. But overall, we were resigned to having a pretty vanilla week.

So imagine my surprise, when on Christmas Eve, Enid’s mother declares, “Oh I have something for you, but I’m not sure whether you’re allowed it or not.” Enid, assuming it was an early Christmas present, said instantly that she should be allowed whatever it was. And her mother said, “No no, you’re Cadi’s responsibility now, it’s up to her.”

I fully thought we’d been rumbled.

It turned out that when she was a little girl, Enid had never been allowed Ribena, because her mum thought it would rot her teeth. This Christmas, her mum had bought some of their spiced winter Ribena, but before she got it out of the cupboard, she made Enid ask me if she could have it, “because her teeth are your responsibility now that you’re married.”

Once I was sure Enid’s mum was just being cute, I really leaned in to it. Enid was bright pink, but I made her ask me properly, and then told her to bring me the bottle, so I could check whether or not it was “suitable for her.” I could tell that the embarrassment of having to ask for permission to have a children’s drink was turning her on, so I really made a show of it.

We rarely play in public, and I have zero interest in involving non-consenting bystanders in our more sexual BDSM play. But there was something oddly reassuring in her mother’s recognition, even if she wouldn’t name it as such, of my ownership, and care, of her daughter. I am head of our household, not just during scenes, not just when we are alone, but always. I lead and she follows. (With a mug of warm Ribena and my lipstick kiss smudge on her forehead, because it was Christmas after all.)

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