Enid: Sexy Saturday!

I’m currently writing this from a desk at Cadi’s office. It’s Sunday and she’s had to come into work, so I’ve come along to force myself to focus on my own work. It feels a bit naughty to be writing this here!

I don’t think either of us had especially high hopes for sex last night; I had a sore wisdom tooth and a migraine hangover, and Cadi had to get up for pre-work yoga at 7am. However, it was fucking hot as hell.

Cadi put on her Aslan Leather harness (which I keep meaning to review because it’s super sexy) which is a simple harness with a jock-strap style back. I started by jerking her off. I used a load of lube in my hand so it felt really juicy and slick, and I made sure to twist it and use pressure to add stimulation to the root of her clit.

We were using the Tantus dildo that came with this beginners strap-on kit we bought when we first moved in together. It’s pretty firm but I love that it’s so smooth and relatively slim compared to some of our other toys. It’s super easy for her just to push into me, and it feels both comfortable and comforting.

I really enjoyed sucking Cadi off, making a big femme show of it. I used my other fingers to fuck her, and she rode them in a way that also made sure that I was thoroughly face fucked. I love the feeling of powerlessness that comes with being face fucked. I love the way it makes my eyes tear up and the way it makes me gag. She also really enjoys teasing my lips with the dildo, and slapping my face with it.

Last night Cadi was talking to me about “sucking Daddy’s cock.” Cadi has been my Mistress for almost eleven years, and I’ve enjoyed calling her Mama for almost two. But last night we were chatting about a podcast we’d listened to about Femme Daddies, and we decided to experiment a bit! It was hot but it felt more like play acting than Mistress or Mama does.

When I thought she was close to coming, I switched to licking her clit. Even though this harness is less bulky than others we’ve used, there was still not quite enough room to lick her properly. I loved seeing how red, wet and swollen she was against the leather, it contrasted beautifully with her vulva. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a bit of a thing for leather and the smell and taste of the leather next to the smell and taste of my Mistress was overwhelming! I kept my fingers inside her, and used my other hand to loosely keep jerking her off. Working hard for Cadi is the most satisfying thing.

I wasn’t quite ready to stop licking her after she came, and I particularly wanted to look at her gorgeous fat ass while it was framed with the leather jock strap. I asked her if she would let me rim her just for “a little bit”. She rolled her eyes but let me, and spent that time playing with my cunt, making fun of how wet I was and telling me how eager I was to be fucked.

Before she fucked me she stood over me on the bed, so I could look up and admire her body, and run my hands up the muscles of her calves. I want to write about watersports soon so I won’t say too much, but she also teased me about wishing her strap was a real cock so she could accurately piss in my mouth while standing over me. I was squirming and begging for it.

Cadi fucked me on my hands and knees at first. As I said, I really love that we’ve had that dildo for years and it slips into me really smoothly and quickly. I love pushing back against her and knowing exactly how to move to get it perfect.

She was talking dirty to me about her being her little bitch in heat and I begged her to mark me. She hit me all over my sides, arse and thighs with the lotus stick that I bought at the London Alternative Market. I’m going to write about it properly, but for now I’ll just say that it leaves gorgeous concentric rings of tiny blood spots and hurts a fucktonne if wielded quickly and mercilessly.

When I was a giggly, jibbery mess she flipped me over and let me touch myself. I remember hooking my fingers around the straps above her mons to ensure that she didn’t stop pull out too far, bless. When I’m in that giggly sub-space she loves to talk down to me in a patronisingly sunny voice. For example, last night she was talking about me begging her friends to piss in my mouth. When I get like that I get so desperate for her and dependent on her, and she was rewarding me by spitting in my mouth and over my lower face. Ugh it was fucking hot.

It’s no secret that I come much harder when I’m being fucked. For me, fisting delivers the ultimate in powerful orgasms. I rarely touch my clit when I’m being fisted, and I can have a couple of powerful orgasms back-to-back, just with the tiny movements of Cadi’s hand. Last night I came with Cadi coaxing me to, “Come on my strap baby, come all over it. Be a good girl for me, be a good girl for Daddy.”

I could feel her long curly hair all over me, and her breasts up against me. Cadi says that when I came, my eyes rolled back in my head for ages.

Mistress was all worked up again after fucking me, so I got her off again. This time, she took the strap off and I was able to lick her properly.

And now here I am, sat in her office waiting for her to finish work so we can go home and do it again!

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