Enid: Toy review, “Thumper” from Purple Passion/DV8 in NYC

This lovely lady is a present that Cadi and I bought ourselves when we were on honeymoon in New York this September. As part of my holiday research I’d tried to find shops that we would like to visit, and I passed many happy hours googling ‘feminist sex shops New York City’ and ‘independent bookshops Brooklyn’. Purple Passion/DV8 was one of the first ones I put on the list, especially after reading this blog by The Submissive Feminist.

On our first visit we didn’t buy anything, but I spent some time admiring the notices in the reception area and the workstation where they make certain leather goods in-house. I also fell in love with Thumper. Thumper is what I’ve Christened her. She had no branding label or packaging, she was just hanging up with the rest of the extraordinary range of impact toys (see above link for pictures of The Wall) and it was love at first sight.

As she doesn’t seem to come from any particular brand, it’s hard to know how to describe Thumper! I’d say that she is some sort of leather truncheon, filled with what could be sand or beans. Thumper is about ten and a half inches long, and weighs half a kilogram.

I love leather. I really want to write a longer post about my ongoing relationship with leather another time. Thumper’s leather is lovely. It’s really soft and although it’s corrected grain leather, there’s plenty of character in the grain. She smells divine, and because she’s not over-stuffed, there’s a satisfying squish when you squeeze her.



As we’d already spent most of the budget we’d allocated for sex toys in Pleasure Chest (reviews to follow!) I regretfully put Thumper back on the shelf.

However, a few nights later we went to a kink night in Brooklyn, where I saw a young woman being hit with the very same toy! She looked absolutely blissed out, and I was so turned on by the noise of it thudding on her skin.

After her scene I asked her about the toy. She said that she’d bought it from Purple Passion and that it is her favourite. She told me some more details about who made it, but I’ve forgotten! She also told me that she uses it like a stuffed toy, and finds it really comforting to snuggle. She definitely sold her to me, because the next day we headed straight back to the shop and bought her.

I love using Thumper. Cadi often uses her as a way of warming me up. When Cadi does this she acts like a masseuse, giving me light, quick taps all over my body to wake up the skin and start moving my mind into a more relaxed state.

I get very needy and whiny when she lightly taps it across the apple of my cheeks and up to my cheekbones. I also love it when Cadi rubs the toy over my lips so I can feel the leather even more keenly.

When I’m ready, Cadi will start hitting harder and slower. She will focus the blows on the fatty, fleshy parts of my body. Thuddy pain gets me to a drifty, dreamy sub-space very quickly. I love how deep and all-consuming the sensation is. I often find myself grinning and giggling into the bedclothes, feeling like I’m floating high above it all.

Although I find thuddy pain pretty easy to bear, because she’s pretty heavy, Thumper is capable of offering some pretty solid and satisfying pain.

Like the girl in Brooklyn, I also find Thumper incredibly comforting. As mentioned in my recent post about ropework, Cadi worked away from home for eight weeks this autumn. During this time, I sometimes found myself cuddling my favourite toy in bed. I have used Thumper on myself during solo-play and while it wasn’t quite the same, it still felt really good.

I also made Cadi a series of Boomerang clips of me kissing, and slapping my face with, Thumper while she was away. I was wearing my vampiest shade of red lipstick, and they received rave reviews.

Thumper is definitely my favourite American souvenir, and it was a lesson in trusting my gut; when you know a toy is perfect for you, it probably is.

You can find Purple Passion/DV8 at 211 West, 20th St, New York.  Their website is here.



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