Enid: This is not a sex toy


It’s a very (very) long wooden spoon, bought for me by my mother on a trip to South Africa.

I’ve had it about eight years now, and my wooden spoon and I have made many spaghetti sauces, curries, and stews together.

And yet this week I have been spanked with her, twice.

The first infraction took place in the kitchen. I was shocked when Mistress pulled the long spoon out of the jar of kitchen utensils next to the hob, instructed me to put my hands on the kitchen worktop ,and hit me with it about five times. I was turned on immediately.

I see myself as the Queen of our kitchen, and to be reminded of my role in that space was extremely effective. To me, my kitchen seems like a sentient being, and facing humiliation in that space was as powerful as being humiliated in front of someone else.

Likewise, being hit with something that usually serves a vanilla purpose heightened the arousal for me.

There’s also something visceral and intriguing about the immediacy of the journey from infraction to punishment, but I can’t quite articulate it.

I am not, by nature, a bratty sub. But yesterday night I was feeling mischievous, and while we were reading I shuffled over and gave my Mistress’s face a little lick. She warned me not to do it again, and I did. She told me that if I did it one more time, I would be spanked with my wooden spoon again.

What did I do? I ran my tongue along the bridge of her Roman nose.

She immediately sent me downstairs, barefoot on the cold tile, to collect my spoon.

I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance, but this bitch hurts. It has a lot of weight to it, and the long handle lets Mistress control the hit very precisely. It also gives an intense stingy pain that had quite a lot of longevity to it.

In short, I would experiment with kitchen utensils again!

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