Enid: An alternative advent calendar

Untitled design (4)

Lots of companies seemed to be offering really good deals on sex toy advent calendars this Christmas! My Domme and I talked about getting one; but most of them seemed vanilla and heteronormative. We are also trying to slowly shed all of the cheaper toys we bought when we were younger, and replace them with higher quality products.

Instead, we re-purposed this stocking garland (which we usually fill with chocolate!) and wrote some challenges, ideas and prompts for each other instead.

We tried to make sure that we added the toys that we bought but haven’t used as much as we planned, like this strap-on gag .

My Domme has been working away from home (and working extremely long hours) during advent so we have fallen behind with the calendar, but I doubt Santa will mind if we leave a few left over to warm up cold, hard January.

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